Giant Coffee is now open… the coffee shop many people predicted would never open (rumors were it was supposed to open last fall some time — when it was nearly completely furnished). It is located downtown, near the art museum.

Photos: Giant Coffee

According to Matt Pool, the owner, they are using Four Barrel Coffee and they “brew only single origin for drip & pour over,” and they service “Straus organic milk.” The shop is equipped with a La Marzocco & other Fetco equipment.

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday from 7 am to 3 pm and beginning on June 15 daily from 7 am to 7 pm (7 days a week).

Congratulations to them on opening! You can follow them on Twitter at @giantcoffeeAZ.

Giant Coffee
1437 N 1st St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Twitter: @giantcoffeeAZ

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  1. Congratulations on opening. A bunch of us Cartel-ians have visited and are digging the look and feel. I need to come back for some more coffee beverages soon!

  2. Mike Trevino

    I decided to go here after reading a review in the local rag Java (A review on coffee shops by how they look and feel over how good the coffee is.)I wrote to the editor about the lopsided reviews but have not heard back.
    While one visit is not indicative of how good a coffee shop is, I must say that this place has good stuff. From what is mentioned above, the drip and the espresso were the same, at least there were similarities.
    The coffee was not over extracted, which is rare. Too many places are trying to stretch their dollar by trying to use less which results in a bitter cup. Giant’s coffee did not taste like this.
    The espresso was well pulled. (I talked to the barista who had previous chain and indie coffeehouse experience.) While I could not watch the extraction and flow of espresso, I did count the ristretto pull at around 24 seconds, (Plus or minus a few seconds because I was timing it in my head.) into a warmed ceramic demitasse. The body and mouthfeel were good and it left a nice coating of flavor on the tongue. Again, the flavor of the drip and espresso were similar, but I cannot remember any notable flavors currently. Not because they weren’t there but I was focusing on other aspects of the coffee. I did note that the shot did taste a bit sour. This could be caused by any number of things, the biggest are lower water temperature or just plain old me not tasting right. This also may be on purpose, since the shot was good on all other accounts I suspect it just may be a part of it’s flavor.
    Also a few indicators of how the coffee may be quality is the equipment. Which is top notch, from the La Marzocco machine to the Mazzer grinder. The most important is the grinder, IMHO. Many entry level machines can pull at even pressure and temperature as a high end machine can, but not very many entry level grinders can grind consistently and with less coffee dust as the high end machines.
    That said, they invested wisely with the better coffee grinders.

  3. eve

    What a great space! The coffee was a feast for the senses. I had a breve and my friend a latte. I tried a pastry and was also pleased. People were online in the “bar” area and fresh air was pouring in from the open air area in front. Located next to a fun and artsy boutique. I highly suggest visisting. Good energy here!

  4. The members of the Encanto Chamber of Commerce have pick Giant Coffee to be the meeting place for their monthly Networking & Coffee.