I found a web site for a roaster called Old Bisbee Roasters — in Bisbee, AZ.

I gather from reading their web site that they sell most of their coffee to coffee houses in the Bisbee area.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Jeff Sweatlock

    Seth of Old Bisbee Roasters is passionate about his coffee. We first met him about 2 years ago. He was hawking free espresso shots from his Peddler’s Alley location, and drew in my wife & I. We really were trying to just walk by, as my wife doesn’t drink coffee & I was starting to get into tea. Within a minute, you could tell he was not just selling coffee, but that he was truly passionate about it. He roasts in 7 pound batches; tasting the beans for doneness, not just going by a timer or color. Seth offers coffees that you just don’t find in a regular market, Starbucks or at Gevale. He only roasts a batch when he gets the order for it. No coffee sits around getting stale. If you live in AZ, place your order by 1:30 and receive it the next day. Elsewhere in the country, you receive it in 2 days. Besides supplying all the “big” hotels and B&B’s with coffee, Seth said he has about 1,500 internet customers. We were just in Bisbee this past weekend. We came about with his sampler. This time it had Timor Peaberry, Sumatra Blue Manddeling, Tanzania Peaberry Decaf and Red Sea Blend (an African blend). The aroma is awesome. Well, you might think this was written by Seth, but it was not. I’m a bit of a novice “foodie” and can definitely respect someone who is so passionate about his favorite food that he has created a business around it. Oh yeah, he also makes some incredible dark chocolate treats. I have spread the word about Seth & his coffee to friends. One of them has given up their Starbuck’s habit to make fresh coffee at home. When they went to Hawai’i, they brought back some Kona coffee which they ended up giving away because it was not nearly as good as their Old Bisbee coffee. I usually don’t do this sort of thing (writing responses), but I do believe in Seth’s product and in supporting small independent business. While you’re at it, check out Killer Bee honeys at http://www.killerbeeguy.com

  2. tom taylor

    we have been buying “obcr” coffee over the internet for a couple of years. never a bad batch. we enjoy nearly all the flavors and the coffee is always freshly roasted. this is our main source of coffee. for us it is also important to support individual independent folk and people who pay attention to subsistence farmers and other small operators in other countries too…….