Tucson is really alive. Flagstaff and Phoenix had better start working harder otherwise I’m going to have to rename this site Tucson Coffee.

The Arizona Daily Star has an article today about Old Pueblo Roasters and Coffee Etc. Anybody ever try their coffee?

Arizona Coffee

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  1. MikeFTrevino

    I didn’t know they were under different management. I’ll have to try them out. The Coffee Ect. on Oracle and on Campbell were horrible back when they were open and under the old management. We’ll see how these guys are.

  2. How about Pima County Coffee? That way you could include the one fantastic coffee shop in Arivaca.

  3. Charlie

    …..I know I’ve missed a couple, dang.

    Brewed Awakenings CLOSED

    The Coffee Edge corner of Ajo and Palo Verde
    The Coffee House 7125 E Tanque Verde 751-1500
    The Cup Café 311 Congress
    Le Buzz 9095 E. Tanque Verde 749-3903
    Chocolate Iguana 4th Ave.
    Coffee ETC. 4446 S. Sixth
    Roadrunner S.E. Corner of I-10 and Cortaro Farms Rd.
    Kelly’s Fudge S.E. Corner of Cortaro Farms and Thornydale
    Coffee Times 3401 E. Speedway
    B-Line Café 4th Ave.
    Diva 2965 N. Campbell Ave.
    Coffee on the fly 3952 N. 1st Ave

  4. Guys, this stuff is awesome. Thanks for scouting out coffee in Tucson. I’m very happy to have this information. I’ll have to update the Tucson listings.

  5. Austin

    Is Cafe Q still open downtown near Skrappy’s? They had a kind of cool story to their shop. Although they used nesQuik for their mochas.

  6. MikeFTrevino

    Cafe Q? Which was Cafe Quebec and run by a long string of bad owners starting with the first owner of Cafe Quebec, Tom Mannell, who now owns Coffee Times, that spot is now taken by “Shot in the Dark” I believe, and I’ve yet to step foot in there and cannot say anything one way or another about it, but I will today. I, however, have many bad coffee memories in that building.

  7. MikeFTrevino

    Sorry to double post, but I just looked at the “shot in the dark” menu, http://www.shotinthedarkcafe.com/menu.pdf. They have a Red Eye on the menu instead of a Shot in the Dark, both being the same drink. I thought that was interestin.

  8. Austin

    I had heard that Cafe Quebec was taken over by the employees after the owner skipped town one day and then called Cafe Q. It was never a great place to be but it was different, like every place there.

    Odd that they dont call it a shot in the dark. Has anyone ever heard it called an ‘early shirley’. People always asked for that at the shop i worked in in SA

  9. MikeFTrevino

    I went to Shot in the Dark and well I’ll leave the rest up to Chris since it’s his site, but I will say this, it hasn’t changed much. 😛

  10. allen bleicher

    does anyone know what happened to tostino coffee roasters? i felt them the best ever but they were apparently bought out and changed name. can you help please??? I would really appreciate it. Thanks

  11. wow, it’s funny the negative stuff in here bout the cafe… I can’t imagine working anywhere else, ask any of our regulars to leave and you’d have to pry them away at gun point… seriously, we’re a family, we’re all the family that many of our best regulars have, and if it doesn’t feel like a starbucks, or has turnover like a starbucks, or shaft you like a starbucks… maybe there’s a reason. This isn’t about money, the owners operate more like a cooperative, working for below minimum wage, specificaly out of a loyalty to our friends and community…. and our buisiness over the last two years has continued and continued to grow, far surpassing that of the previous two owners…. and I can’t think that’s an accident. I’m sorry for this rant, but it’s hard to listen to people who obviously don’t come very often make some kind of black’n white comment as if they’re objective… have they tried all the food? Have they had all the drinks? Have they noticed that our employees spend more time lounging ‘at work’ rather than elsewhere? Have they been to our events? etc etc etc… We take pride in ourselves, our niche downtown, our friends, etc. I’d just ask that you seriously give us a chance to prove to you why love this fricken place soooooo much.

  12. oh, btw, we use real Ghirardelli chocolate in our mocha’s, no syrup…

  13. Dan

    I’m thinking of purchasing a French Press. Does anyone have experience with one? Recommendations or advice on how to use it? Does it require a special grind?