One Coffee Company is located in downtown Phoenix on Central Ave. just one half-block north of Washington.

One Coffee Company

I’ve visited One Coffee Company a hand full of times, and while it’s a super cozy coffee shop, with high ceilings and friendly staff, the coffee isn’t great. It does highly depend on the barista, but on my recent visit my cappuccino was really foamy, had no latte art to speak of, and tasted like a latte.


That’s probably because it was a latte! I ordered a small cappuccino “for here” and they served it in a regular coffee mug.


Even so, One Coffee Company offers a relaxed atmosphere with a large conference table central to the room. They also boast a fairly large outdoor patio (it’s at the base of a large building).


Parking is available in nearby underground parking garages.


One Coffee Company
Phelps Dodge Tower
1 N. Central Ave.
Ste 125
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Phone: (602) 252-4442

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    This is a good place to be with. It seems to be a peaceful spot. Imagine yourself, Drinking a cup of latte, and feeling the relaxing environment? Fantastic!

  2. Jeff Moriarty

    I think you missed some of One Coffee’s strengths. They bake some mean goods, and their chocolate chip cookie is a small Frisbee of super tasty goodness. They also play with some fun flavors, like a white chocolate and cayenne pepper mocha. Not the place I’d go for a cappuccino, but every coffee shop is different and this one has a lot of things going for it.

    • Thanks, Jeff! I’ll try the cayenne pepper mocha next time! That sounds delicious!