This is awesome. It’s called the Illy Push Button House and it is on display in New York City until December 29, 2007.

[A] fully functional and sustainable home built within an industrial shipping container. At the push of a button, the shipping container transforms into a five-room home with kitchen, dining room, bedroom, living room and library.

During the holiday season, illy invites coffee lovers, design enthusiasts and shoppers to visit the Push Button House and enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee while learning more about illy’s commitment to sustainability.

More pictures at

Arizona Coffee

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  1. It is cool you mention this today. I was just talking to some people at a party the other night about this very thing! Now, I don’t have to scroll through my archives to find where I filed that post!

    Keep up the good work, Chris.

  2. hb

    Thats so awsome, I wish we had something like this here in phoenix.

  3. Nice find Chris, what an awesome concept!

  4. You can see a snippet of the making of the Illy House on this video that features the designer, Adam Kalkin: Click For Video