Anthony Santa Cruz writes (in a press release sent to us):

We are very please to announce the introduction of the first organic coffee bar drink menu available in the Phoenix area. We now offer a full organic drink menu including all organic milks and a selection of organic flavored syrups to go with our organic and fair trade coffees and teas. We have proudly carried only the best in organic and fair trade coffee beans and tea leaves since opening in June 2006 and our new menu is the latest in our continued effort to provide our customers with the best product available. Here at Bunna Coffee Tea and Market, our mission is to provide organic and fairly traded coffees and teas to our community and to educate our customers to the high quality and positive social effects that result from eco-friendly products and practices.

Our recent partnership with Shamrock Foods and their new organic dairy line of whole, 2% and nonfat milk has allowed us to replace our conventional milks and add to our existing organic soy and rice milk options. We also proudly carry organic flavoring syrups by Monin and Liquid Planet that allow us to make nine out of every ten drinks we sell to be 100% organic.

Here at Bunna, we are passionate about providing organic products for several reasons, the foremost of which is quality. Organic products are farmed and produced without the use of pesticides or herbicides and without the use of genetic engineering. Organic coffees and teas receive a higher quality of care then most non-organics and because of the lower crop yields only the best available plants are used to begin with. It is this attention to detail that sets organic products apart. Organic products are therefore produced without the negative ecological impact that many conventional products create. Many of our coffees and teas are certified shade grown as well; which, coupled with organic growing techniques, allows native ecosystems to continue to thrive along side coffee and tea production. In addition to shade grown, our organic coffees and teas are certified fair trade. The fair trade mark certifies that farmers and producers are paid a fair and livable price for their goods enabling them to continue to produce the best coffee and tea in the world. The pairing of organic and fair trade labels encourages coffee and tea growers to practice these renewable methods without the threat of being forced to sell their goods at an artificially low price set by local governments or export restrictions.

On a related note, as of September 1st, Bunna will no longer be using conventional plastic products. Thanks to Reed Paper Distributors, everything from our hot and cold cups and to-go containers to our utensils will be made out of natural plastic products derived from corn or bamboo. We not only want to give back to you, our customer, but to the earth as well. Thank you.

Bunna Coffee Tea & Market
7520 S. Rural Rd. Suite #12
Tempe, AZ. 85283
Phone: (480) 377-2886
Elliot & Rural on the NW Corner

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  1. Awesome, Bunna. If more businesses thought like you do, we’d live in a much healthier (and tastier) country.

  2. Glad to see it. I will have to check it out. I had been ordering my loose teas at so now I will check out this local tea source to see if they have the variety of tea that I get from tealaden.