I recently heard from Nick Horten, a barista at Papa’s Coffee which recently opened:

Hi, I’m a Barista at a new coffee shop here in Phoenix. Papa’s Coffee just opened up last week, and we’re located at 5521 N. 7th Ave. We’re inside an Ice Cream shop called Mary Coyle’s, and a few of our drinks incorporate their ice cream into our coffee. We use Coopedota and Tres Generaciones coffee from Coasta Rica. Our hours are 5-10 Monday – Friday and 6-10 Saturday and Sunday. We’re still trying to fine tune everything, but within a few weeks we hope to start an Open Mic Night and an ASU night.

Papa’s Coffee
5521 N 7th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85013

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Pierce/Bear

    Mary Coyle’s has been around since JC was a corporal 🙂

  2. Could you elaborate on the coffee again? Are you roasting? Local roaster? Tell us more about your place!!! Best wishes to you at Papa Coffee

  3. Nick

    No, we don’t roast. I would love it if we did. We’re basically your local independent coffee shop with the ice cream twist. We brew all our coffee fresh to order in Chorreadors, so that’s something unique and pretty cool. It gives the coffee a really natural flavor with a smooth finish. And then we have all the iced, blended, and flavored drinks you’d expect, which are also really good. Our Coffee, Oreo, and Ice Cream drink – The Grande Papa – seems to be one of the most popular things right now, with a lot of people drinking Americanos too. Thanks for the well wishes though, and hope to make you a drink soon =)

  4. jason

    So where do you buy your coffee from?? Roaster

  5. Quite a funny but nice name for a coffee shop! 🙂

  6. Nick

    We actually get the coffee straight from Coopedota and Tres Generaciones in Costa Rica, which is also where it’s roasted.

  7. Heather

    This is some of the best coffee I have ever had! It is very unique and I love the Costa Rica coffee maker. I would recommend Papa’s Coffee to anyone. It is truly a great coffee place!

  8. jamessofrito

    Terrible idea for a coffee shop. Mary Coyle’s is run by a dirty group of teenagers. Check the back of your booth sometime for years worth of greasy, grimy hand prints and chocolate smears.
    The ownership of this coffee joint have there heads up their you know what. The coffee they sell is better than the ice cream shop they sell it in however the staff at the coffee shop know more about Starbucks than real coffee. They will blend you up a milk shake with some coffee added, this is what they are best at.
    Little regard for ambiance or a true coffee experience.
    Avoid this place.