What are some good coffee houses in Payson, AZ?

  • Fireside Coffee
  • Roadrunner Espresso

I know nothing about them, but curious to learn more…

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Whats the name of the place as you come in on the 87 on the right. It wasn’t too bad. No glasswear though. I have been there a couple of times. And there used to be a place in a gym across the street from the walmart but they closed the shop and we bought all of their old stuff.

  2. This place is so awesome. Fireside Espresso, on highway 87 just past 260 is one of the most relaxing, clean, and unforgetable place in payson arizona. Their staff is so nice, and the owners are just awesome. The drinks are perfect, and the food is astounding! I truly and whole heartedly recommend this place.

  3. naomi grant

    i go to the roadrunner every time i am in payson. it is owned by bob and kim gundelsburger. good coffee good sandwiches and pastries. cheaper than starbucks or any other coffee shop i have been to. i would whole heartly recommend stopping to try the coffee and to get to know the new owners.

  4. Bob

    Roadrunner espresso was horrible! Go to Fireside or Starbucks Instead

  5. Tony

    Don’t you think that anyone who says go to starbucks should just be ignored?

  6. Austin

    I went to fireside once. I asked for the best drink they sell for someone who REALLY likes coffee. They told me to get a blended mocha. I inquired about their cappuccinos but they kept pushing the blended mocha. Instead I got an iced mocha and it was really terrible. The ice melted before I could walk to my car.

  7. Fireside Express is now a sock store, best coffee is at Small Cafe which is re-opening after a haitus, and at Crosswinds, the airport restaurant. Great chow there too! And don’t forget the Beeline Cafe, best breakfast in town and the coffee is good too.

  8. I would like to know what kind of coffee i can sell in my gift shop in payson

  9. The location of the old Fireside Espresso reopened on Nov 3, 2010 as Uptown Espresso.
    Great coffees, teas,lattes, soups, salads, and sandwiches; “Holy Smoke” smoked meats, quiche, you name it. It is owned by Chuck and Nancy Hallock; Payson residents for the last 25+ years.
    Completely and beautifully remodeled;there is a stage with live music starting mid February 20112.
    best coffee house in the entire area.
    Call 928-478-7166 or check out the Uptown Espresso Facebook page, or their blogsite at: http://uptownespresso.blogspot.com/