Saw this recently, I think it was at Echo.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. BCE

    Thank you – I will now go out of my way to patronize Echo. (My lunch was held up today, thanks to some jerk on a cell phone who proceeded to pay for an under-$10 purchase with a debit card. Really? You can afford an iPhone but not $10 cash?)

  2. BCE

    I don’t “vilify” it per se, I just think if a cup of latte is $4.15 or whatever and someone has four $1 bills and some change in his or her pocket, that the most logical way to pay for that cup of latte would be with the cash, not debit. Otherwise, why carry cash? And I probably shouldn’t make assumptions: for all I know, maybe this person doesn’t carry cash.

  3. Jeff

    As to the debit card comment, I make it a point to pay cash with local coffee shops. I only use plastic when I don’t care if that merchant gets charged. Also, I always tip in cash, so the barista sees more of the money.

  4. Alan

    Absolutely love it!! I’ll start going to Echo just because of this sign!