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What makes a coffee shop or restaurant “pet friendly?”

I recently asked for suggestions of good coffee shops that are pet-friendly and several people made recommendations. If you know of a good shop please leave a comment.

Copper Star is the best! Shaded, fountain, misters and a bowl of water for the pup! – superstrcarwash

In the Raw, Gilbert AZ even has a Dog menu! – SterlingExp

I’ve brought my dog to @Presscoffee and they took great care of her. – Stang5_0

Extreme Bean in Tempe has a good patio/outside, usually 2 or 3 dogs visible every night here – MrAnathema

When the weather is nice lots of folks hang with their pooches in @luxcoffee‘s patio area – _MikeTodd_

Mountainside Coffee Shop in Fountain Hills is one of my favorites, great patio where pups are welcome! – SterlingExp

Note: Some comments were edited for punctuation.

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  1. Everyone at 32Shea loves dogs! All the basics–shade, water, landscaped & fenced patio–and lots of smiles! Plus excellent coffee for dogs’ companions.