You might enjoy the new Phoenix Coffee Blog. Written by valley baristas, the site’s mission is to “support open dialog” and grow the coffee community.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Hey Arizona Coffee Readers,
    As a Phoenix Barista I know that often readers of this site dialogue with baristas and it can become a discussion or an argument. Our goal in creating a Phoenix Coffee Blog was not to take away from the work Chris Tingom has done here in AZ with Arizona Coffee…we fully support him and think this site is RAD….and a testament to what’s happening in our industry. Our goal was to create an area where as baristas we could dialogue on geeky barista things (such as temperature, grind, etc. on certain espresso profiles). It’s also an area where we will blog about our experiences as baristas and especially talk about 3rd wave coffee. We’re an inclusive bunch of baristas, who are extremely passionate about our craft and pushing the envelope in our industry. Be sure to comment and dialogue with us!

  2. I really like Seth’s “Humble Barista” post. Some really good dialogue already.

  3. Some of you may know that I had become almost exclusively a tea drinker. Yeah, it was true. But oooh, am I back to coffee now… in a big way. Pulling espresso shots every chance I get. On Christmas Eve, we installed a Nuevo Simonelli single group commercial espresso machine in our kitchen. Yeah, it’s plumbed in. And of course we have the grinder to go with.

  4. Henry@phoenix jobs: Your ip address indicates you’re in Australia. Stop spamming my site. You’ve done it before to promote your phoenix dot org site. Any further comments will be removed.

  5. Psyd

    Chris, you’re such a procrastinator.

    Remove his comments now. Beat the rush.

  6. Brian Clemens

    Ya Henry,

    Stop spammin’….or me and all the other valley baristas will beat you with our tampers and make you drink 35 shots of espresso in an hour. LOL