Here is the schedule for the Phoenix Coffee Crawl happening in Phoenix, on Saturday, January 9th. Everyone is welcome to join the coffee crawl. The approximate arrival times are posted below. Feel free to join-in-progress at any point during the day.

We’re going to hit 8 coffee shops, so it’s bound to be an exciting day!

Saturday Morning

Solo Cafe @ 9:00 am
Cartel Coffee Lab in Tempe @ 9:45 am
Conspire @ 10:45 am
Lola Coffee on Roosevelt @ 11:15 am
Lux Coffee Bar @ 12:00 pm

Lunch Break

Lunch on your own (grab some friends and eat local) – Pane Bianco, Maizes, St. Francis (now serving lunch), Local Breeze, Seamus McCaffrey’s, Two Hippies, Cibo. All suggestions are off the light rail. Or, take an afternoon nap and rehydrate!

Saturday Afternoon

Liberty Market to see Faema E61 @ 4:00 pm
Bookman’s Mesa Cafe (Intelligentsia) @ 5:00 pm
Sola Coffee Bar @ 6:00 pm (Coffee Cupping)

Follow Along!

This coffee crawl is being organized by Luis Till and Brian Clemens. I’m planning to be at most or all of the shops, so if you are there please say hello! I’ll be on Twitter announcing arrivals, departures, and schedule changes.

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  1. This is Awesome! If I don’t get tied up I will try to make several of these~

  2. Go. lose your shop, take a sick day, do whatever it takes, but go.
    The conversations that were tossed around at this morning’s cupping were an education in coffee. And the drinks Kacey pulled weren’t no slouch either.
    Great topics surrounding how and why responsibly sourced beans affects the cup, and might cost a coupla more bucks but is so worth it (I mean, Vietnamese Robusta is cheap, right?) and how community will help the entire coffee culture here in the state were just the start.
    And make sure that you taste the Ethiopian Amaro Gayo. If you’ve ever wondered where the subtleties and nuanced flavours that some coffee enthusiasts are in *your* cup, this one will knock you out (yeah guys, I’m gonna gush, again). The blueberry in this cup is not only unmistakable, it’s right in your face, throwing elbows at the coffee to get to your taste buds.
    Just the barest touch of sugar will bring that blueberry out in the Bella Vita cappuccino, too.
    The rest of the coffees were all simply remarkable, but that Ethiopian was an eye-opener.

  3. Psyd! I tried the Ethiopian Amaro Gayo today as well. Absolutely amazing stuff. It’s unlike any coffee I remember ever happening.

  4. Well, unfortunately I couldn’t make it… but, I tried to make up for it. A friend and I Hit up the Downtown Phoenix Coffee Cluster today: Lux, both Lolas, Fair Trade, Cartel, Copper Star, walked in Daily Grind.
    Copper Star, and the new Lola were my favs in decor… but you can’t beat Cartel for coffee! (yet…)

  5. David – glad to hear you made a tour! There should be a prize for people who do it. Some sort of badge.