I missed this one! Right before my vacation in May there was an interview conducted with Jason Silberschlag at Cartel Coffee Lab. It was published in the Phoenix New Times and I only just discovered it last night.

The interview touches on why Jason started Cartel, his experience owning a Clover and how the Clover company was purchased by Starbucks. It’s good, but a little bit too short. I’ll have to go over there and ask a few more questions.

NT: What sets Cartel Coffee apart from the other coffee houses in town?

JS: We do a lot of thing that other shops aren’t willing to do, like our coffee grinder is $1,900 bucks. Most people think $500 is a lot for a grinder, but ours is better. It goes to eleven. We really pay attention to what we’re doing and hopefully provide a good cup.

You can read the entire interview on the Phoenix New Times web site.

Cartel Coffee Lab
225 W. University Dr.
Suite #101
Tempe AZ 85281
Phone: (480) 225-3899

Arizona Coffee

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