On a recent trip to Cave Creek I stopped in at the new Firecreek Coffee. I had two goals: One, get some shots of the coffee and second I had a meeting with a friend. They roast their own coffee up there, and all of the baristas and owners recently travelled to Coffee Fest in Las Vegas. Kudos for them for taking the entire team.

Firecreek Coffee Company
Double Macchiato (sorry, this photo was taken after a sip).

Firecreek Coffee Company

Firecreek Coffee Company
Coffee beans.

Firecreek Coffee Company
I love the red paint behind the coffee bar.

Firecreek Coffee Company
View from the parking lot.

Firecreek Coffee Company
6501 E Cave Creek Rd.
Cabin #8
Cave Creek, AZ 85331
Phone: (480) 437-9999

Arizona Coffee

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  1. That’s one of the most pleasant views I’ve ever seen from a parking lot!

  2. Nice looking shop. Where’s the photo of the kit?

  3. Mar

    We always love having you Chris!

  4. Rick

    Great job on your roasting.I have been in a few times and always had a great cup of joe.You have the bset coffee in Cave Creek hand’s down.