I’m finally getting around to posting the photos I took at Cartel on January 3rd.


Barista behind the new Synesso.

Another cappuccino.

Jason, the owner of Cartel speaking with two customers.

Todd (Oddley).

Austin (Caffeinated).


Another shot of Jason, the owner of Cartel.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Todd

    Man – that was a good time! I don’t make it to Cartel often enough. I wish I lived closer. Thanks for posting these pics!

  2. I do love the Bodum glasses that he has in the shop. Just got em an additional pair of Assam three ouncers the other day.
    BTW, go to Splendid life.com, order some glasses there, and use the code PAIR25 to get 25% off. And then use the code GIFT 25 to get free shipping.
    Makes really cool cupware cheap enough to carry to your favorite coffee joint.