Something new in Phoenix is PhxBux. It’s not a currency replacement, but a coupon system (I think). If you ask for a PhxBux as change instead of U.S. Currency, you get one of the tokens which can be redeemed for a $1 discount at participating shops. The idea is to support local businesses.

Three local coffee shops (among other businesses) accept the PhxBux tokens. They are Cartel Coffee Lab, Fair Trade Cafe, Conspire, and Copper Star Coffee.

Do you have an opinion about PhxBux? Share it in the comments.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Brian

    I like the idea. I’m going to buy mine soon!

  2. Sounds like a great idea! Their flyer could use some design help, though. Looks a bit like one of those “buy this limited-time-only commemorative coin for way more than it’ll ever be worth” magazine ads. yuck.

  3. Copper Star Coffee is on the PHXBUX, too. We have seen a number of these come in, and we have sold at least 40-50 of them. If you use one, we give an extra stamp on your punch card, some other businesses will redeem them with a special deal.

    One of our customers told us that the lost leaf is redeeming one $1 phxbux for a 2.50 PBR can! What a deal.

    Their POS material could use some work. I was hoping for a poster or a window cling. (Plus, we aren’t listed on their website or linked to our homepage.).

  4. Hi Bill, thanks for alerting me that you are on the Phx Bux as well. I’ll update the post.

  5. Scott

    Is it prenounced like “fix-bucks”?