On Wednesday, there is an informal donut meetup at Wishill’s Donut House. Starts at 11 am for a little more than 1 hour. The event will probably be fun because it’s sort of a joke protest of the fact that Flickr now allows videos.


This caused me to wonder about good places to get donuts in the valley. For some reason Krispy Kreme closed and Dunkin Donuts is also closed across the valley (installing new lunch equipment or something).

Here are a few donut shops:

Wishill’s Donut House
1345 W Mcdowell Rd
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Rainbow Donut
1347 E Mcdowell Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85006

Rainbow Donut
5045 W Thomas Rd #151
Phoenix, AZ 85031

Rainbow Donut
3458 W Van Buren St #103
Phoenix, AZ 85009

Karsh’s Bakery
5555 North 7th Street,
#116 Cinema Park Plaza
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Bosa Donuts
1016 N Arizona Avenue
Chandler, AZ 85225

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  1. Karsh’s is by far, hands down, the most decadent indulgence I have ever experienced. A definite must for pastry lovers!

  2. Although we carried Karsh’s for the first year of business, my favorite is Rainbow Donuts on McDowell. Especially at 5AM (I can even forgive them for not filling my cream filled all the way).