Here are the poll results from this poll which has been on this site for a year. Obviously this poll is unscientific in nature so take it with a grain of salt.

Does Wireless Internet Influence Coffee Shop Choice: 57% say yes.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Jessica Waltz

    I think it does in a 70% if you are a cyber addict or do not want to pay a service at home. But talking to some coffee owners, they believe cyber users take this service for granted, especially at our local and independent coffee houses.
    I mean, people love things for FREE, but this service is not technically 100% FREE, the owner pays for it and the return is minimal.

  2. As a part-time marketing student, I have to say that the poll’s question could have been phrased better. But I think the results reflect what Chris was looking for.

    Free WiFi makes a coffee shop a much better Third Place than one without free WiFi. And by all means, change your password each day and hand it out to purchasing customers. Or do something cool by making up something fun (and progressive?):

    “Here’s your large-iced-quad-half-Splenda-latte. Today’s password is Runningoutofair.”

  3. I’d rather sit at a place with great coffee and no wi-fi than a place with great wi-fi and mediocre or bad coffee. It’s like asking if you’ll prefer a massage with great smelling lotion of non-scented. Sure, I’d like great smelling lotion, but if the massage isn’t good, I really don’t care what the lotion smells like.

  4. I would have to say that while I don’t necessarily associate wifi and coffee, If i am looking to hang out at a shop and relax, odds are that I will choose the best possible place with wifi over a great place without. If i am meeting friends then i don’t really care. But for the price that a business has to pay for it, I would say that it is probably worth it overall.

    Yeah there are plenty of people who want to take advantage of it, but those people are just called cheap.

    And in response to Jessica, People who use wifi at a shop aren’t being cheap, they perhaps just don’t want to work out of their office anymore and need a break. It is always unfortunate when i want to get out and work from a shop and i can’t because my favorite doesn’t have internet.

  5. hb

    I really like when a coffee shop has free WiFi, unfortunately some people camp in those shops and leave no space for the customers who want to check email, drink some coffee and leave.
    I love Lux but every time I go, it’s a pain to find a seat. The place is full of campers that will stay for hours. I’m not sure what the best solution will be.

  6. Free wifi attracts campers. That is not good for a coffee shop. In and out! High transactions…more room for people to sit have coffee and leave. I used to turn it off during peak hours and say it was busted and a tech has been called. Sales sky rocketed during those hours.

  7. I dont think there’s a question that free wifi has an influence on the choice of coffee shops. You only have to look at *bucks decision to start offering to customers to figure that out