I’m interested in where you read Arizona Coffee from. I tend to think we have a spread out readership, with obvious emphasis on the Phoenix area… but you tell me!

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Austin

    there’s no ‘other’ on this list.

  2. You know, when I made the poll I thought about that and considered that most people could consider them either Phoenix or northern or southern. I forgot about Globe and for that, we are eternally grateful for you reminding us. 😉

  3. Austin

    Oh thanks. I wasn’t expecting the full on Globe, AZ, since I am pretty certain its just lonely ol’ me in the eastern quadrant. Maybe now that it has its own section I will have to solicit people at Vida and skew the results to make it look more relevant.

  4. Sam

    Austin. You did my web site, you walk by my coffee roasting shop daily from your office to Vida, so there Really is more than just “lonely ol” you” in the Estern quadrent.

    Globe may be small, but with the great coffee at Vida and this up and coming Roaster, Globe deserves its own button on he “where are you reading this from”

  5. Austin

    True that, I haven’t seen you post anything recently so i wasn’t sure if you were still keeping up on the site. Globe’s Representing.

  6. Austin

    Speak of representing, you didn’t actually vote on the survey Sam.

  7. ishnar

    San Juan, Puerto Rico