Here’s a fun video I captured of Jason Haeger while at the Arizona Barista Jam.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Oh jees. Ignore the horrible latte art. I’ve poured in so many to-go cups, the wide-mouth ceramic seem a challenge. (i.e. – it requires more froth than I expected)

    “nothing to see here.. “

  2. Steve Kessler

    Your “bad day Latte art” is what I call a great day pour for me!

  3. Karen m.

    what a cutie! you could pour a latte that looked like my tonsils and i’d drink it!

  4. MikeFTrevino

    Wow!!! Barista Groupie!!! Nice going Jason!! High five.

  5. Steve Kessler

    It’s Barista Baywatch, starring Jason Haeger!

  6. Joel Armstrong

    Latte art should live on. There’s too much “i want coffee in a to go cup cuz i don’t have time to sit and enjoy it.” Nice work Jason.