Tubac, AZ with a population of about 1,500 people is set to open a new shopping center. The new center will feature a coffee shop. I’m unsure about the specifics, however it is named Powell Street Bakery and Coffee Shop. It will be sharing space with 3 other companies (6,000 sq feet) and isn’t quite open yet. Here’s an article frm the Arizona Daily Star.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Tubac is basically just an overpriced tourist stop now. I read that it used to be a real town up until the 1950s. Almost nothing of the old Presidio remains standing at Tubac. Instead you have lots and lots of very expensive stores selling artwork. A new shopping center with another yuppie bakery and coffee shop will not improve the place. We have a real bakery and a real coffee shop up the road in Arivaca. Remember real people and real coffee beat pretense any day.

  2. That’s interesting. The last time I was in Tubac was over 10 years ago and I barely remember it. Too bad.