Congratulations to the Copper Star Coffee team for making it onto 550 KFYI’s news broadcast this morning. They said you were giving away free Powerball tickets to the first 100 customers. Excellent PR move.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. hb

    To be honest the 1st time I visited Copper Start Coffee I wasn’t impress. The place looked a bit dirty and I was confused by the menu by the entrance not by the ordering area. My baked pastry was ok (had bettter at LUX) and the coffee was ok .
    I had good service but the product was not all that for me. I want to stop by again and try it again.

  2. Sam

    Pretty ironic that 550 was even close to the place. Pretty sure CSC advertises on 1480. I love it though. Let’s show Rush how those of us on the Left like our coffee…

  3. HB (if that’s not you, I can delete. It’s from a different ip address than all of your other comments).

  4. several of my regulars work for a pr firm, and they suggested the partnering with the Arizona Lottery. Gotta love those regulars!