I can’t believe that I’ve never heard of Prescott Coffee Roasters. Just got this email from Anne: “It’s only the most popular joint in town. 🙂 They roast their own beans, too, and have lots of yummy baked goods.”

Thanks Anne!

Arizona Coffee

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  1. MikeFTrevino

    I remember going in there a few years ago, can’t say the cup was all that memorable, but my mind might have been elsewhere and was just needing my caffine medication.
    It’s always great to see small shops roast. It shows a level of dedication to coffee flavor and freshness that coffee shops with roasted coffee suppliers can’t match.

  2. Bob Winston

    For what is worth…If you enjoyed Coffee Roasters you might stop by Cuppers Coffee House located at 226 S. Cortez. Great atmosphere. All baked goods are made from scratch on-site. Check it out. Oh, live music Friday and Saturday nights!!

  3. Thanx for the kind words! Mike- come by again and I promise your next cup will be memorable.

    We’re the new owners of PCR and we plan on roasting our own and continuing to make our own scones, muffins & cookies from scratch each morning. Even if it means our bakers have to get up early. We also have web ordering which should be back up this week.

    We like Cuppers too… good food, good people… cute place!

    Rich & Gayle Gregory

  4. Hi Richard and Gayle,

    I can’t tell you how glad we all are to know PCR has owners who appreciate what the shop has come to mean to Prescott. It’s become a part of our hometown and we love it.

    The Gang down at Coyote Radio

  5. Yes! It’s definitely part of Prescott! Thank you for the kind words Andrew. I had no idea this was going to be so much work that I had to quit my ‘night’ job 🙂

  6. For all those that are fans of Prescott Coffee Roasters’ coffee, you can now get it online at http://www.buzzmug.com. We distribute Rich’s coffee via the net for him, and the coffee is fresh roasted before we ship it.