Press Coffee at Scottsdale Quarter continues to be one of my most frequent stops for coffee. Perhaps because it is only five minutes drive from my home, but also because it’s one of the best coffee shops in the state.

They sell coffee and espresso drinks, tea, and food. They have an amazingly friendly staff.


In July, they closed the shop for two days of construction. The entire shop has been redesigned with updated equipment, lights, flooring, countertops, and beautiful real wood paneling on the walls. It’s stunning.

Perhaps the best part is the new comfortable white chairs. They’re really nice! Everything is new and updated givinng the store a modern look. They have introduced a television menu-board (similar to their Tempe location) located at the back of the shop. The new store design has a really simple color palette with gray, white, and black accenting the wood. It’s easy on the eyes.

They’re complimenting that with updated photography on the walls from a local photographer. There are four black and white pictures on canvas showing various outdoor scenes.

My standard drink at Press Coffee is a traditional cappuccino. They’re very consistent at making truly great cappuccino’s. I’ve probably had over 100 cappuccino’s at Press Coffee and it is my go-to drink — even in summer.

Some of my other favorites are their cold-brew, and the mochas. They’ve just recently added Nitro Cold Brew on tap, which is nitrogen infused iced coffee. If you’ve never tried it before, it has the same kind of creamy foam you’d expect of a beer, but in coffee!

scottsdale coffee shop

Top ten cool things about Press Coffee:

1. Their team members are consistent year after year, and most of the people have been working at Press for 5+ years. This is incredibly important in a coffee shop. The team seems to have a camaraderie that could only come from working together for years.

2. They are absolutely consistent with their coffee quality. Year after year the cappuccino’s I sample are always excellent, and the coffee beans keep getting better.

press coffee cappuccino

3. Press Coffee has a roasting operation in a warehouse in downtown Phoenix. They have coffee cuppings (usually on Monday’s) which you can attend for free (call ahead or email to confirm). If you are looking for a nice coffee for home brewing may I suggest the Early Edition blend? It’s a medium roasted blend that has citrus notes.


4. Press Coffee opened a new location in Tempe last spring. That location is on Rio Salado Parkway inside the Sky Water Apartments. I’ve written about the Tempe location before, and if you’re in the area you should definitely check it out! It’s a really nice shop and is even bigger than the Scottsdale location.

5. They have a tap built into their counter just for serving cold brew toddy. They were also one of the first companies in Arizona to sell cold brew by the bottle. Pick up a bottle for cold brew at home!

6. They have awesome muffins, pastries, and breakfast burritos. My daughter loves the chocolate muffins, especially. The breakfast burritos are awesome, too!

press coffee

7. They redesigned the Scottsdale Quarter location with real wood paneling, new flooring, countertops, and chairs. It’s super comfy. Interesting tidbit: The wood paneling is from an old barn in Kansas and was trucked down to Arizona in a U-Haul. The wood is over 100 years old.


8. They’re featuring the brand new Synesso MVP espresso machine at their Scottsdale store. This espresso machine has digital dials that give the barista better control over the espresso pour. They are also the first store in Arizona to feature a Seraphim coffee brewer. This brewer, pictured here, was the 2012 SCAA Product of the Year. On top of all of that, they’ve got Nitro again.

synesso mvp

9. They have a location at Sky Harbor Airport. Next to gate B-9 in the U.S. Airways terminal. Check it out the next time you’re flying!

10. The Four Seasons Scottsdale and Wren House Brewing Company have been using Press Coffee beans to brew and mix interesting beverages. Recent examples include a coffee oatmeal stout using Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and a Cold Brew + Bourbon.

Getting there

Press Coffee has their flagship store in Scottsdale at the Scottsdale Quarter shopping center (located on Butherus Rd. and Scottsdale Rd.). Parking is easily accessible in one of two huge parking garages (free) or on the street in front of the shop (also free).

Scottsdale Quarter has a number of other shops that I frequent, including the Apple Store, several awesome restaurants including True Foods, and the iPic theater. My daughter also loves the splash pad at Scottsdale Quarter.

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    Do they offer Chemex brews in house?