I posted about Press Coffee last week and now that I’ve had a chance to visit I wanted to share some details. It’s located at CityNorth just to the east of where Desert Ridge is located. Take 56th St. north and it’s just north of the 101.

I sat down with owner / operator Steve Kraus for a few minutes and asked a few questions. They just opened last week and are already having days with 300+ customers (keep in mind this includes Holiday shoppers). One interesting things I learned was that they hope to help build the coffee scene in AZ. One way they want to do this is through friendly latte art competitions.

I took tons of photos while visiting Press Coffee. I’ve included a batch below or you can view more on Flickr.

Photo of the espresso machine. I understand they have a second unit on the way (or a replacement).

They use Monin syrups.


Steve Kraus prepares to pull a shot of espresso.

Cappuccino — good espresso, a bit too much foam.

Lovely interior.

Shot of the prep area.

Check out the huge patio. Could be a great place to hang out on summer nights.



Pulling the espresso shot.

Nice meeting place.

Mokarabia and Espresso Grand Aroma are served in bar drinks and rebranded coffee from Ground Control is sold whole bean.

Press Coffee
5410 East High Street
Suite 115
Phoenix, AZ 85054
Phone: (480) 419-6221

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I’m up around desert ridge a lot so I gotta check this one out. Did you catch what their hours were?

  2. Great pictures Chris! You got a good shot of the espresso machine this time and not the cash register 🙂 I wonder how late they are open?

  3. Todd

    Looks great! I really need to stop by sometime to check them out. The espresso shots looked killer!

  4. Thanks Chris. You’ve shown me exactly what I needed to see. But now I’m curious about the Ground Control coffee. Never had it before…

  5. Michael, Ground Control is a local coffee roaster in Arizona (they sell it online) and Mokaravia is a coffee roasted in italy and distributed by China Mist dudes.

  6. Yeah, love the cheesecake shots of the gear!

  7. Todd

    I just returned from my first visit to Press. Great area, great ‘vibe’ and great coffee. Steve is a really nice guy and is passionate and excited about the coffee scene in Arizona.

    He also got his new espresso machine in place so next time I go I’ll bring my camera to add photos of the new machine.

  8. Todd, that’s awesome you made it up there. I thought you’d like it since it’s in Scottsdale. Glad you also got to meet Steve.

  9. Coffee Lover

    Todd thanks for coming in, great meeting you!! I’ll need judges soon, so I’ll have you and Chris for sure….thanks to all of you that made it out!