How much should a cup of coffee cost? How much do you pay at your local coffee shop? Or if you own a shop or work at one, how much does a regular sized cup of coffee cost?

Starbucks is experimenting with $1 cups of coffee with free refills (not sure if this is in AZ though).

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  1. Ryan

    I rarely meet anyone who likes the way Starbucks brews their coffee. I think they would do better by brewing a coffee that most Americans enjoy and just lower the price slightly.

    I have yet to understand how they brew such a strong coffee yet a single espresso shot in a latte adds zero espresso taste and only makes the milk brown. I’ve had them put 3 shots into a small latte and still no taste but the milk does get darker. LOL

  2. hb

    I agree with Ryan, I guess some people drink starbucks more for the hype than for the taste. I guess they are trying to get back the customers who were turned down by the prices.

  3. Pierce/Bear

    Methinks the recession (yes, we are in one) is starting to bite Starbucks in their hip pocket.

  4. Michael T

    How about a range for a cup of coffee? $1.50 to $2.00 for a 12-ounce. Less than that means a bad cup of coffee, or the business is doing some loss-leading. More than that is just too expensive.

    Starbucks espresso should be avoided at all costs. But their drip can be good at times. It depends on the manager – does he train and retain good employees, or do the employees manage to ruin the easiest part of a caffe job?

  5. Jeffery T

    I think Michael T is dead on…Caffe Luce coffee roasteria in tucson (arguably the some of the best out there) sells an 8oz for $1 and a 12oz for $1.50 with one free refill; and that is including the tax!

  6. MikeFTrevino

    Yeah Caffe Luce’s prices are good. Especially for such good coffee, but you need to take into account that they roast their own so they can afford to have lower prices since there is no middle mark-up. Other coffee shops have to markup to account for buying and shipping roasted coffee.
    Some would say in-house roasting is the way to go then. In reality, it’s not for everyone. The learning curve is hard; the initial investment is higher; you are then essentially running two businesss which means that much more stress.