On a first visit to a coffee shop I intend to “review,” I don’t announce my visit (if you can call my write-ups reviews). Unless I am specifically invited. If I do get the special treatment, I’ll disclose that. I pay for all of my coffee unless mentioned otherwise. I often will make multiple repeat visits to a place (when it is convenient) and never disclose that I’m doing reviews.

Nobody has asked this lately, but I wanted to disclose it. I do enjoy getting free stuff, who wouldn’t, but I work hard to not let it impact my opinion, and the free stuff usually follows dozens of visits. If I don’t have anything nice to say, I’ll often say it with photos.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Chris, Do you where a mustache too or some sort of stealthy disguise? (pasty tattoos, wigs, etc.) That would be good to know (joking of course).

  2. I show up in a stretch limo and have turquoise sunglasses with an Elvis Presley smile. You can’t miss me. 🙂