I have never been to Joe’s Real BBQ in Gilbert despite several people telling me it is amazing. I’ll have to go sometime. The East Valley Tribune just did a feature on the owner, Joe Johnston, and he talks about his espresso bar.

“I try to match a cup with the personality of the person,” says Johnston.

His coffee obsession started when he attended Stanford University, where he studied engineering.

“There were coffeehouses all around, and my buddy Tim and I got interested in roasting our own.”

After college, Johnston moved back to Arizona and opened The Coffee Plantation with his friend. When they sold it, Johnson continued to work for the new owners, scouting locations for the coffee bar to expand in Texas. That’s when the bevy of barbecue joints he found in the Lone Star State caught his eye.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Oh, you really have to get to Joe’s BBQ.

    And Joe is in the process of establishing another restaurant project in Gilbert… from what I understand it’s going to be a more formal version of The Farm (Baseline Road). With Joe’s talent and history, I’m sure it will be a fabulous success.