I stopped in at Copper Star Coffee last night and had a mocha and a chocolate chip cookie. Both were delicious. Good consistency in the chocolate mixture.

It was a fairly slow night for them, being the Friday before New Years. Even so, there were a few people enjoying themselves, and more were arriving as I left.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Hey, that looks like a pretty nice place to enjoy a cup of coffee. I really like the furniture, painted floors, and decorating – it kind of reminds me of Pita Jungle. BTW, is that a sliding garage door converted into a window (shown in the photo)?

  2. The big window in the center of the photograph is actually a garage door, and on nice days they open it up and the breeze comes through. It’s simply divine.

    Copper Star Coffee is inside what used to be a car shop. So the high ceilings and garage doors are original.

    By the way, they’re building a Pita Jungle right by my office (Indian School and 44th St. area). Good stuff.

  3. I have a soft spot for really small semi-sophisticated feeling spaces in coffee shops. I don’t know why. It’s not something I see very often, though.
    Good job on the decor. I’ve never tried the coffee.

  4. karen m.

    how fun to take the tour via your webcam!

  5. O

    Copper Star is a great joint. Really friendly folks and a cool, unassuming converted gas station-coffeehouse.

    And the cupcakes. You gotta try the cupcakes…