The Royal Coffee Bar has this really neat front door. It’s big and square and the logo on the door is cool (you can see it is very tall). I honestly didn’t realize it was a door at first from the outside, and wandered around for a bit looking for the entrance. I saw a few other people doing the same. Oh well, it works.

View the menu and the logo. I do have more photos…

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Steve Kessler

    I stopped by the Royal Coffee Bar on Wednesday. I thought the interior, although small, was very cool. It had a cool vibe. I ordered a couple of Espresso’s, and both were very consistent. I would go back and also would refer others.

  2. Hey…that’s me standing at the counter, I’d recognize those sneakers anywhere.

  3. and, no, I’m not the fat guy behind the woman. Not that there is anything wrong with fat, I’m just blessed with a lightning quick metabolism.

  4. Erika

    Although I can appreciate banter between friends, the guy behind the counter could be someone’s father or someone who frequently reads this blog.