Check out this womans reaction after tasting a macchiato she didn’t enjoy.

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    I know drinks vary in how likely they are to be done wrong, and how bad they are when they’re done wrong. It’s not surprising to me that some peoples’ worst coffee experiences are with bad macchiatos. I think it’s because they’re strong and not that simple.

    Any time I go to new place and don’t have high hopes and don’t want to take a chance, I order something simple, like iced coffee or tea. It’s good every once in a while, and it’s hard to screw up.

  2. Austin

    I think thats pretty funny. Most people aren’t expecting a kick you in the head kind of drink. Ben I think the reaction is due to the fact that it is a super simple drink. Hardly more than a straight espresso.

  3. If I’m reading it correctly, she has just discovered the evil of ‘Buckspeak’. A caffe macchiato is an espresso marked with a bit of foamed milk, and a latte macchiato is a glass of foamed milk, marked with a bit of espresso. Usually, they are also drowned with non-fat sugar-free caramel to the point that you can no longer taste the espresso.
    This is probably a really good caffe macchiato that was ordered by a Starbucksian coffee fan. Seeing as she is used to ordering a ‘macchiato’, that’s probably how she ordered. She isn’t disappointed in the drink, she’s disappointed in her limited coffee vocabulary.
    If I ordered a machhiato, and they served me a sixteen ounce cup of steamed milk with five pumps of diet caramel flavoring and an ounce of espresso, I’d probably make that same face!

  4. Michael T

    I’ve made that face so often that I just stopped ordering macchiatos, cappuccinos, and caffe espressos.

    Looks to me like she has more of a cappuccino in hand than a macchiato, but these days, who can tell?