I’ve wanted to do polls for the longest time on this site, and here’s the first one. Enjoy.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Yeah, they also have a Flash one and I’ll probably try that one next. You can also limit by ip and stuff.

  2. The website is pretty cool too. I think I’ll be using one on my site very soon.


  3. I dig the polldaddy website.

    If the question is do you work in the coffee industry, and there are multiple yes options including yes:other. And one no option. Then what is the other other.

  4. The other other is so we have one other option, other than that, not much point to it, other than being fun.

  5. Steve Kessler

    I would be classified as Yes:other since I sell to Coffeehouses. Cool poll.

  6. yes: other

    Barista Trainer. I’m not working on any bars these days.