Starbucks is doing something interesting with receipts. They give out these receipts in the morning with a stamp indicating if you come in after 2pm the same day you can get a drink for $2. You can read about it here.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. What were you doing in Chicago, Chris?

  2. Austin, that’s not my receipt. I copied it from the page I linked to.

  3. In reality Chris works secretly for Starbucks as a market instigator. What other reason he has to do all this. Well I guess his addiction to well crafted capps.

  4. “Chris, seeing his cover was blown quickly makes his way to the nearest exit.”

  5. *$’s continues to try and keep their customer base…..basically begging them to return to their “coffee house”.

  6. RJD

    Chris, could I get a Venti Carmel Frap to go?