Enough people have emailed me about the Red Hut Coffee social media saga lately that I suppose I should post about it. I’m sure by now you know the story: The owner posted a picture of himself with two homeless people who were sleeping in front of Red Hut Coffee. You can read about it online in enough places to get the story.

The owner has posted this apology about his post on Facebook:

FB Friends … I lightheartedly posted a pic 2 weeks ago not intending to be offensive. I realize now that it appeared insensitive and arrogant. I apologize and ask your forgiveness and understanding. I will continue to look for ways to share my heart with those less fortunate. For years we have enjoyed the shops and businesses in and around the arts district. In our search for a location for Red Hut, we were excited to find a corner building on 7th St and Roosevelt that would allow us to be a part of the community and offer our products and services to commuters. I will do my best to let you see that I live in peace with all people and I seek to better my surroundings with love.

I had avoided posting about it because I personally think it’s not worth getting offended about. Who cares? Yeah he shouldn’t have taken the picture and posted it, but I don’t care enough to get offended. I recently overheard a father tell his young child “I see you haven’t learned to pick your battles?” (the kid was crying).

But, let’s talk about this from another angle: Social media. I think the rule is, don’t be stupid. Enough said.

Red Hut Coffee
20 E Roosevelt St
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Phone: (602) 258-1221

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