Update: Red Rock Foods of Arizona is no longer in business.

Red Rock Foods ArizonaClever play on words there. I had a tremendous visit to Red Rock Foods on Monday, and let me just say that these guys have it down. Bill McCouley (General Manager), Fred Bartholomew, and Steve Kessler gave me the grand tour, and I’m quite impressed. We must have talked for two hours, and tried all kinds of delicious products.

You can expect a full writeup shortly on Arizona Coffee, but I wanted to just get the word out about their great operation. They don’t just stock product and ship it out to you. They do that, but they also do so much more. They demonstrate ways that you can make your products better (often very simple changes, too). I learned a lot and took some fun photos. Will share soon.

Red Rock Foods is located at:
2011 E. Fifth St.
Suite #1
Tempe, AZ 85282
Phone: 480.557.ROCK

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Chris–thanks for your kind remarks. We enjoyed having you visit. Who knew playing with food could be so much fun? Seriously, I hope we were able to help you extend your knowledge of coffee and related subjects. We are always glad to have visitors.

  2. Ginger and I couldn’t be happier during our experiences with Red Rock. Their commitment to quality and service sets a new standard for vendors in our industry. As you say, “They have it down,” and then some.

    Keep up the great work!

    Bill Sandweg