The Arizona Republic today has a list of 9 cool coffeehouses.

  • Copper Star Coffee
  • Drip
  • Willow House
  • Steve’s Espresso
  • Rare Earth Coffee and Wine Bar
  • Coffee Buzz
  • Jolta Java
  • Mama Java’s Coffeehouse
  • Mokarabia Coffee Bar
  • Mandala Tearoom
Arizona Coffee

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  1. Oh, I forgot to mention. Not very many of those are “cool.”

  2. Jacqui

    The only one I’ve tried on the list since I live in Gilbert & am new to AZ is Steve’s. I have to say I wasn’t impressed…no offense!

  3. Kiss of Death:

    AZ Republic says, “You’re cool!”

  4. Michael T

    I can vouch for CSC and Mandala being cool. And not in the AZ Republic way. And if Drip=Drip Coffee Lounge, I’ll vouch for them too.

  5. hb

    I’m not sure about their recommendations, it seems every time they have an article about “cool places” are the opposite. Drip is kinda cool.
    But Momma Java’s lol that place is the most uncool place I ever been. And the tea house?
    Just way to fill their paper.

  6. Josh

    I cannot believe everything I browse on the internet, neither I believe everything I read on the AZ Republic.
    Good exposure though!
    But I got to say… they forgot LUX and INZA!
    Too bad!