I’m at Weather & Coffee. It’s a new coffee shop which opened only this year. Behind the counter when you order is a small chalkboard. A thoughtful hand has written the numbers 90 – which is todays temperature. I’m noticing all around me weather related decorations. There are the weather books and widgets on a shelf by the window. Then there are the huge plasma televisions with sports, and of course The Weather Channel.

Weather and CoffeeThen I notice the ceiling. Almost entirely blue with clouds painted on it. Very cool. This place is totally decked out in a weather theme (not in an overwhelming way).

You can park in front or do the drive through thing. I’m sure the drive thru is a hit in the mornings being so close to the 51. It’s literally on the freeway. It made me wonder if they tell people the temperature when they drive through. Or maybe there’s another chalkboard on the outside. I should look.

Three people were working there the day I came in. It’s a family operation run by Ed Phillips. I’m sure you’ve heard him deliver the radio on KTAR where he’s been for 20 years. Ed Phillips even came in while I was there.

I haven’t tried the coffee enough to be able to give you a definative review. I’ll be back though, and try a few more shots. They have free wireless internet (SSID is coffee) and plenty of room to sit and plug in your laptop if you need the power. The few times I have been there I’ve had the cappuccino and it has been good.

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