Just received this email from Shawn Valdez:

My name is Shawn and i just opened a new cafe / coffee shop named Rhino Caffe in Queen Creek. We opened in the space that was previously the Daily Buzz. I wanted to let you know about our Grand Opening and also put the word out that we are looking for an experienced barista to work with us.

I know this is a kinda last minute but we are having our ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday the 30th of April at 11:00am. If you can, please stop by.

Rhino Caffe
22721 S. Ellsworth Rd.
Queen Creek, AZ 85242

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I have a meeting this afternoon in that general vicinity (as much as anything is) perhaps i will try to make my way down there.

  2. It’s good to hear someone aquired what was once Daily Buzz. It had/has the potential to be something really nice. Will miss the ribbon-cutting, but for sure I’ll make it a point to stop in sometime soon and say “hey”. Good luck to you, Shawn.

  3. Bravo!

    Shawn and I worked together at Oreganos for a while. I couldn’t think of a better guy to take over that space. He has all the skills and personality to operate a great coffeehouse. I can’t wait to get out to Queen Creek, btw, I love the name!!!

    Good Luck!