Has anyone tried Rich Aroma Coffee in Queen Creek? It was mentioned in this article
(near the bottom) as having free wireless internet. Is the coffee any good?

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Marty Collins

    great coffee, great atmosphere! Nice people – like an
    oasis in Queen Creek! I like it so well that I am
    relocating my weekly networking group (Power Road Business Network)there!

  2. Heather Werner

    Rich Aroma – awesome! The atmosphere is very relaxing, people are nice… lots of “regulars” from what I can tell. I have used the wireless network as I work out of my home and am frequently on the road. It’s a God-send at times! Good coffee and blended drinks. Also you can get desserts, bagels, breakfast burritos, etc. Give it a try if you haven’t already!

  3. Greg B.

    Woah great coffee. I’m 12 and I ride my electric scooter there every weekend! Great people, food, atmosphere, and coffee! Go there its great!

  4. Heather C

    This is some of the best coffee ever and great atmosphere.

  5. your coff33 is th3 b3st lol
    wh3n is th3 n3xt kar3ok3>?

  6. Brian Sheahan

    What??? Coffee house in QC???? You don’t say! Where is it? I’m around Ironwood/Ocotillo ~ never heard of this place… do they have WiFi?


  7. Janice

    Gross coffee, if you like that burnt taste of coffee. You will love them.

  8. Alexandra

    Yes, the coffee is good. They have other drinks as well – like fruit drinks, soft drinks, etc.

    It is a wonderful place. The people who work there are very nice, too.

  9. Isabella

    Hi. =)
    I would like to know were to find out if people can preform at one of the coffeehouses.
    So if you could send me information about it that would be great.