Arizona Coffee

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  1. Did he use the coffee he just roasted? And then filled the cup halfway up with espresso? I’m confused…..

  2. Ambex YM 10? Was your drop temp 390? Thanks for the peek into your process.

  3. HMMM…..somewhat perplexed….? Cool little video though…..

  4. Doug

    Went down to Bisbee awhile back with my family. First thing I smelled getting out of the car was the roasting of the coffee at this place. Great place to visit if you are ever there.

  5. 390 it would be too early (not roasted enoug to overcome bitterness) for a drop. I think he said said 450. In my oppinion very dark for a roasting batch of 15 minutes plus.

  6. Randy

    His dreads and cowboy hat are the best! lol. What a fun guy.

  7. Randy

    Oops, I just watched the entire video… I should mention the espresso looked pretty un-appetizing lol. Otherwise, Seth seems like a fun guy.