* Arizona Coffee Does Not Endorse Rocket Coffee Roasters *

Well, the Arizona Chain Reaction event was a big blast and I had a great time. I am actually quite impressed with AZCR. They had some well established local businesses at the event, and the enthusiasm for their products was evident.

Of course, Rocket Coffee Roasters was present, along with Mike F. Trevino from The Coffee Vein.

They were pulling shots all day long, and I arrived at about 11 am. I hear they pulled over 250 shots by the end of the day. Way to go! I had the pleasure of meeting Brandon Miller (who is a regular to Arizona Coffee and posts in the Forum under the name bmiller). Nice to meet you, Brandon!

So that’s a wrap, I had a great time, and hope you enjoy a few photos.

Arizona Coffee Addicts: Brandon Miller, Mike F. Trevino, Larry Jones.

General view of the tents set up to showcase the goods. Most of them were food companies.

Trevino pulls a shot of espresso.

Trevino and Larry share a joke.

The Phoenix Zoo was there, and showing off a Desert Turtle and this Sonoran Mountain Kingsnake.

Closeup of the snake!

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Richard

    I was there. I didn’t see Larry but the other guy made me a espresso. I wasn’t expecting much but I was surprised! Better espresso out of that little booth than any fancy coffeeshop in the valley I’ve been to. And I’ve been to a lot of them, mostly just once though, thats enough for me. I was going to get another one, heck for free why not but there was a crowd and I didn’t want to be late for work.

  2. You shoulda’ stuck around, I was probably just out sampling some of the great food available. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the Classic Espresso!

  3. Carrie

    the espresso was delicious on its own – nothing like it in Phoenix! I admit to going back for another to enhance the brownie sample from the booth across the aisle – sinfully delicious!