Romancing The Bean, one of Scottsdales best independent coffee houses, will be opening a second location in the big glass building on the south shore of Tempe Town Lake. That’s all I know right now after seeing a sign in their Scottsdale location which is in the Pavilions. I think it opens in Fall 2005.

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  1. Erin Maloney

    I work in the Suncor building where this is opening. It opens Thursday, September 29.

  2. If the coffee is half as good as it is at the other location this will be a big hit.

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  4. Elizabeth

    My sister and I go for coffee once a week and are always looking for good coffee house so I am thinking about, taking her Romancing the Bean. Can you tell me a little more about this establishment.

  5. Elizabeth, there isn’t much information online about Romancing the Bean, but here is the address. It is inside a corporate office building next to Tempe Town Lake.

    Romancing the Bean
    80 E Rio Salado Pkwy # 120
    Tempe, AZ 85281
    (480) 921-4077

  6. Marilyn

    Just want to congratulate the Tempe location of Romancing the Bean on their wonderful food and MARVELOUS COOKIES!!! The best chocolate chip and peanut better I have ever tasted in my life … And I’m over 60! Do stop by. You will not be disappointed!

  7. Debra

    I organize a women’s social group that meets for coffee each weekend in the east valley (Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert). We are searching for new locations to try. Can anyone here suggest coffee shops that are spacious enough for a group of 30 – 40 patrons at a sitting? We currently have about 8 locations we visit regularly – some also serve hot food and/or sandwiches. Thank you!