The coffee shop in Cave Creek formally known as Scooters Cofffeehouse has been sold and is under new ownership. The new shop is named Roots Coffeehouse.

Roots Coffeehouse
30855 N. Cave Creek Rd.
Suite 142
Cave Creek, AZ, 85331
Phone: (480) 502-1166

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  1. Joseph Airdo

    Northeast Valley coffee consumers beware! Roots Coffeehouse recently changed hands and is under new ownership! The new owner cares about nothing more than money! He hires disrespectful employees and invites them to treat customers like crap!

    On my most recent visit – which will also be my last – my 60-year-old mother and I were insulted by a young female employee. The owner’s behavior was even more offensive, defending his employee’s crude conduct with a blatant disregard for decency.

    Avoid Roots Coffeehouse like the plague unless you are a glutton for punishment! Better coffee and friendlier service is right around the corner at Starbucks, 29834 N. Cave Creek Road.

  2. Luz Ordosgoitia

    I AM FAT!! HELP!

  3. Jon Hegreness

    As of October 12 there is ANOTHER new owner, not the same one commented on August of 11. The new owner is very sweet and the coffee shop has some nice changes going on. The atmosphere is great and many of the regulars are having great things to say.

  4. Rene luge

    The place is super clean and the staff are friendly and fast. Music is good and the internet is fast.