Downtown Phoenix has a new gem of a coffee shop, and that’s the Royal Coffee Bar on Jackson St. It’s an interesting neighborhood for a coffee shop, since it is surrounded by parking garages on one side, a giant post office on the other, and Chase Field within walking distance.

In my brief visit last week to Royal Coffee Bar (RCB for short), I was impressed with the way they had decorated the small space. Black leather couches and treated cement floors set off the fresh flowers and artwork (some photos of New Orleans were the centerpiece).

The owners have an interesting story and have little background in the coffee industry. In fact, Royal Coffee Bar began over a dinner pondering the next business idea. One is an architect by day, and all of the buildout was performed by hand.

The space for RCB is perfect. It’s small and cozy, and has an upstairs loft which is being used for music. While I was there a DJ was setting up his gear in hopes that a crowd would wander south from Roosevelt and into the coffee shop (it was the first Friday of the month).

I’m optimistic about the future for Royal Coffee Bar. They have one of the most upscale interiors I have seen, and if they can prove that quality coffee is their passion, things look bright.

Royal Coffee Bar - Phoenix AZ
My doppio macchiato.

Royal Coffee Bar - Phoenix AZ
Gwen and — (can’t remember name) stand behind the counter. One concern is that the coffee is stored in the pink containers, and that’s probably not a great idea long-term.

Royal Coffee Bar - Phoenix AZ
View from the upstairs loft.

Royal Coffee Bar - Phoenix AZ
Nice leather couches and free wifi.

Royal Coffee Bar - Phoenix AZ
Front door to Royal Coffee Bar.

Continue Reading:

Royal Coffee Bar (map)
209 W. Jackson
Phoenix, AZ 85003
Phone: 602-374-8044

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  1. O

    Awesome…will definitely be checking this place out this weekend. Thanks!

  2. The coolest spot in downtown, workers are very friendly and coffe is excellent , keep up the great work !!!

  3. Christen Eggers

    This spot is hot along with the girl behind the counter, Gwen

  4. Russ

    Great Coffee of all types, BUT LEAVE YOUR LAPTOP AT HOME. These people at the Royal Coffee Bar are convinced that you’re trying to hack their WiFi or download “illegal” material. They don’t know how to maintain their system –like junk files, registry clean-up, and defrag. As a result, if you do get a connection it’s piss-poor on an otherwise kick ass cox feed, but stalls due to the router’s programmed shut-off timer. Good luck getting the security key. Paranoia is high, have another cup while jittery “hackers” walkabout.

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  6. Does anyone know the coffe shop on several blocks away from the Royal Coffee Bar? It’s in a neighbourhood, it looks like a house with graffitti covering it. They sell clothes inside along with coffee, it’s a real neat place and I’d like to know the name of the place if anyone knows what I’m talking about.

  7. Wow…I live downtown and realize places around here close unnecessarily early, but really wanted to check this place out! There are no coffee shop hours listed on their website and no one answers when you call the number on their website…thats too bad 🙁