I’m going to San Diego this weekend for a few days. Anyone care to recommend a good coffee shop I should visit?

Arizona Coffee

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  1. gincor4

    You should definately check out Cafe Bassam! Its on 4th ave. & Market St., downtown. They specialize in coffee, tea, and cigars, which makes it one of the only places downtown that you can smoke inside, giving it a very European feel. Otherwise, if you don’t enjoy cigars, the patio area is extremely cool for people watching. I ussually spend all day here when i’m in town.

  2. I can’t remember the name of it , but there’s an excellent one on Coronado Island, right in the middle of the touristy area on Orange Street. I go there practically every Summer and have never been served a bad espresso.

  3. Cafe Calabria in downtown, they used to have an Amazing Samiac Roaster (200,000 or more) the owner’s name is Arty Holtz. Great for pictures

  4. As a follow up, here’s some other coffee shops in San Diego I’ve heard good things about in San Diego area:

    San Diego: Where can I find good coffee in San Diego, CA?

    Revolution Roasters

    Coffee and Tea Collective

    Cafe Moto

    Roast Coach

    Dark Horse Coffee


    Lofty Coffee Company


    Zumbar Coffee & Tea

    Pappalecco Little Italy

    Bread and Cie

    Burdock coffee roasters

    Caffe Calabria