I’ve heard reports that CoffeeFest was a really great time. Several locals went up to Seattle for the event, held last week.

Tom Maegdlin from Press Coffee managed to take his Arizona Coffee bumper sticker right up to the Seattle Space Needle and get this photo. Absolutely awesome! Thanks Tom.

Speaking of stickers. I’m ordering more so should have a bunch more later this month.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Awesome shot! I was in Seattle first week of July, and I was actually really surprised at the fact that there are _no_ 24-hour coffee houses there. I even asked around, and bricks hit the floor when they realized the capital of North American coffee closed at 11pm.

  2. Tom Maegdlin

    Sorry about the ghost there on the bottom. Showed up on my lens like 6 times…..couldn’t find the culprit. That shot proved nearly impossible to get though so I am totally happy with it.

  3. I wish I had known, I coulda given directions to half a dozen neat places to hang out near downtown.
    Oh, and, nobody cool drinks coffee after eleven in the Great North West. They switch to beer! ; >

  4. Tom Maegdlin

    I was really impressed with a handful of shops. Victrola was the hands-down favorite. Stumptown was a close second because I had a couple iffy drinks. Otherwise….stellar.