silent-flight-coffee-delivery-tempe-arizonaIf you’re lucky enough to live in Tempe, AZ, you can be a part of the recent launch of Silent Flight Coffee Delivery. They’re making 64 oz Growlers of ready-to-drink iced coffee that they’ll deliver to your door for $25.

The price per delivery drops if you subscribe and receive weekly deliveries. To have iced coffee delivered every week for a month costs $90.

For now, all deliveries are done on Sunday mornings, and deliveries are limited to the immediate Tempe area around the 85281 zip code. They’ll deliver to both residential, and commercial locations.

They’ve released this video:

Right now, they’re featuring an Ethiopia Danch Meng coffee from Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders.

The three founders and operators are: Perry Czopp, Cherisse Teeple, and Suzy Lippmann.

Congratulations on launching! You can learn more at their web site, or on Instagram.

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