Vintage hipster.

That’s how my wife and I described the decor at Sip Coffee & Beer House on a recent visit. And that’s not a put down, it’s the truth! They’ve restored vintage and more recent furniture to excellent condition, and made this place beautiful. From the amazingly comfortable yellow couch next to the entrance, to the awesome tables and chairs they’ve made… this place rocks!

First, let’s look at two cappuccino’s, made on two separate visits.


Cappuccino from my more recent visit, above.


Cappuccino from my first visit, when they had been open about a week. Frankly, they could use some improvement, but they did taste good. I didn’t see any latte art on any of the coffee drinks other people had.


Check out this beautiful table, above, with chairs. Perfect place for a company team meeting!


Here’s a view from the parking lot showing Sip Coffee & Beer House.


Beautiful side patio with custom made tables. Supposedly at some point they’re going to paint a mural to replace that blue wall.


They have a lot of beer on tap!


Yellow couch and seating options. This is by far the best corner to stake out.

Sip Coffee is located in Old Town Scottsdale inside an older building that used to have a yellow sign out front that said “Needlework.” I remember seeing it for years. Today, you can see this sign. It is nailed to the rafters inside the store.


These stools are positioned outside next to the entrance.

service station scottsdale coffee shop

Here’s the little table where you go to gather lids and water.

Originally scheduled to open in 2013, the store went through some challenges (building related) as they renovated the interior, and only recently opened in early 2014.

Sip Coffee uses coffee beans from Cartel Coffee Lab.

The beers: According to what I’ve heard, they feature about 22 craft beers on tap at the moment, as well as over 100 other bottled beers.

The building is part of the Creative Center’s Green Initiative. There’s a goal to recycle and use sustainable sources, etc.

If you’re familiar with the local scene, you’ll know that Brat Haus is right next door. In fact, they’ve partnered and so much of the food at Sip Coffee is from Brat Haus and it’s delicious. So far, I’ve had the breakfast egg frittata, as well as two of the sandwiches, those being the BLT which features thick cuts of pork belly bacon (from Brat Haus) ($9), and the Turkey Grinder ($9) which featured smoked turkey and bacon (again!).


A sign found in the restrooms.


The view towards the front door. The flooring is all original cement, and several of the tables and chairs here (including that green one) are home made.

Oh, and I also had the delicious hummus plate. It’s described as a Roasted Jalapeno Hummus ($6) with tortilla chips. All made fresh at Sip. Frankly, I liked this hummus way more than other hummus I’ve tried around town. I’ll definitely be ordering it up again next time.


The seating area.


A close up shot of the tables and chairs.

So, you’ll definitely want to go and check out this place! It has a beautiful patio, plenty of free parking, and it’s more spacious and as yet, undiscovered among the laptop surfing crowd (but, I’m sure that will change soon).


This chair is awesome. Also, in the background you can see the espresso machine and notice the wood paneling on the front of the counter — that paneling is the old flooring from the Needlework company that used to be in this space.

Sip Coffee & Beer House
3617 N Goldwater Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Phone: (480) 625-3878

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