JR Rozier writes to let us know about his new coffee shop, called Sip of Seattle:

I would like to introduce the opening of a new “Seattle Style” drive-thru coffee kiosk “Sip of Seattle” located at the corner of 17th Ave and Camelback.

We feature a Seattle roasted, Italian Style coffee from Cafe D’arte in Seattle. The owner and lead Barista are both from Seattle and welcome the chance to show Arizona what Seattle has to offer.

This is a walk up/Drive Thru stand only as seen all over the Northwest.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Welcome JR! I’ll have to come check out the place. Cafe D’arte is quite a lovely place in Seattle. From what I remember, they offer quite a few espresso roasts….which one does your shop offer?

  2. I’ve been seeing this place for a while on Camelback and am glad to hear it’s open for business. It’s diagonally across the street from Pho Thanh, so if you don’t have cafe sua da after your noodles, you can walk across the street for something from Sip of Seattle.

  3. Psyd

    ‘only as seen all over the Northwest’?!?
    Cafe D’arte rocked me like Winger (and is a fave for my bro-in-law), and they’ll be a welcome addition to the PHX coffee scene.
    I think that they’ll be mildly surprised at the level of competition, though!