The folks at Weather and Coffee were interviewed by the newspaper about the smoking ban that went into effect.

At Weather & Coffee, a coffee shop near Bell Road and Arizona 51, storeowners and employees were mixed on the smoking ban.

“The objectionable part is the law is trying to make us cops,” said owner Ed Phillips. “We’re business owners. We have a patio. If people want to smoke, they know to smoke outside.”

Holly Staley, an employee at the coffee shop, said she likes to smoke when she goes out. She doesn’t smoke in her car, or at home. She’s considering her options.

“Basically I’ll be staying home and smoking on my property,” Staley said. “It’s going to be difficult finding a completely new place to go out to.”

Staley said when a similar smoking ban took effect in Washington State, friends reported that there weren’t enough people to enforce the law, so people still smoked outside of doorways, regardless of 20-foot boundaries.

“If you’re 18 and older, in places where there are no children present, you should be allowed to smoke,” Staley said. “It’s like the smokers can’t go anywhere.”

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  1. Austin

    I have some very strong opinions as a non-smoker about this issue. I think that businesses will naturally do worse if they allow people to smoke in their establishments. It is the reason that most businesses choose not to have smoking indoors.

    I think its wrong that a majority of people can choose how to moderate the behavior of the few (smokers and business owners)

    If you don’t like smoke stay away from places that allow it. It isn’t a persons right to go into a restaurant.

    I would like to see a comparison regarding cigarettes and car emmissions.

  2. I agree with you, Austin.

    I think the decision of smoking should be left up to the business, not the government. It IS private property, afterall. Even if legally it falls under the category of “public place”, it’s privately owned and operated. The owner should have the right to decide to allow it or not.

  3. Owners had the right to decide to allow it or not. Many of them, being money-minded folk, said “I’ll allow smoking, because I don’t want to lose revenue.” So smokers showed up, spent money, and smoked, to the detriment of non-smokers.

    Now, you can’t lose customers to non-smoking rules, because every public place must be non-smoking. So keeping the air cleaner won’t cost you, and might actually keep some lungs pink.

  4. Austin

    It is not the place of the gov’t to decide.(period)

    And yes I know that the people voted it in so technically the people decided. There needs to be something to protect the rights of the individual, and the mob mentality of popular culture does not do that (yes I am talking about democracy).

    In reality this law effects all smokers and surprisingly few non-smokers, since smoking has already been banned in almost all establishments aside from bars. I don’t really like being around smoke so if i want to go to a bar then i go to a smoke free bar.

  5. Pierce

    Myself: one big reason that I like coffee houses in general is that that they pretty much all banned smoking———-even if legal.

    I do not patronize bars with rare exception for various reasons i.e. dealing with drunk folks.

  6. robert

    I agree, there need to be laws to protect the individual – especially when another individual chooses an activity that is extremely harmful to the first individual. Who has the greater right – the smoker to ruin his/her body and the immediate air quality AND negatively affect to a greater degree anyone who is within “range”, or the other individual to breathe a little easier and NOT adversely affect others around…?

    The problem is, you can’t say that their rights are equal, because the two cannot equally live according to those rights (emphasis) in the same public space. So who wins?

  7. Bruce Kaye

    In Washington State the smoking ban has hurt may mom-pop bars. Where there used to be a hundred people on a Friday or Saturday night…there are maybe twenty…and this is all over. They have layed-off staff, cut entertainment, etc. Smoking is still allowed at tribal venues….and the smokers are going there…and taking their money with them. The local tribal casinos are so packed on the weekends…it’s standing room only. The tribes are enjoying a monopoly here, while the non-tribal casinos and bars suffer. I believe in private property rights….the rights of the owner to run his business as he wishes…and if you don’t like it…go somewhere else!

  8. Pierce

    Re: Bruce’s comment and the Native American reservations………..that smoking loophole will probably be closed soon————–lung cancer is an equal opportunity killer for both Rez members and ‘outsiders’ (including non Rez Native Americans as well).


  9. Austin

    Nobody answers the question regarding the similarities to Cigarette smoke and car exhaust. I am certain there is a greater danger from walking down the street with cars driving by then there is sitting next to someone smoking. There is a point that smoking is bad for you and people around you. But there are thousands of things that are more dangerous that arent illegal.

    My gripe is that laws like that effect a minority in a big way and the majority in a very small way. (because smoking is pretty much outlawed already anyways and most businesses would choose not to have smoking available even if it werent)

    What is to keep people from voting down the ability to home school your children. It wouldn’t take much but a little bit of spin to make it a horrible things for our children. What about voting down the ability to run a business on your own requiring a years earnings up front like they do in France.

    There are things that make America a free place, its called freedom for the greater good rather than the small comforts of the masses.

  10. Bruce Kaye

    Pierce says the “loophole” would be closed soon regarding smoking at tribal locations. I doubt that…the tribes have turned into very good business people…and they have their treaty rights…they already been told to change by our “Gov” Queen Chris…they thanked nicely for her commets…and did what they wanted. They helped pay for her “election” so they know they will pretty much have a free hand to do as they please.
    Some tribes have built non-smoking casinos next to their smoking ones…have your cake and eat it too!

  11. Wayne

    so why not ban kids from going to mcdonalds? that stuff is poisoning our kids and helps them in a bad start in life as far as the food they eat.

    as far as smoking, if you dont like it dont go. this is america and the business owners should decide that period. I do agree with the no smoking in front of stores, but the bar thing is plain stupid…go to applebee’s or something, they made a ban on smoking like 2 years ago almost!

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